Sunday, July 10, 2011

PART 1 : pain is temporary, pride lasts forever

 I live in northern Peninsular Malaysia, a small village in perlis.

life for 27 years, I still find something in my life, maybe wealth, satisfaction, self-esteem, happiness and more .. in this short life there is nothing more valuable than experience living in a world full of challenges.

I later found muaythai.

one of  the most dangerous martial art that I had ever seen I had no experience in muaythai ... I only have the experience of the martial art of "Silat Selendang Merah".,

 even when I was 12 years old, then I learn Taekwondo, martial art originating from Korea when I was 16 years old

fighting experiences during the Taekwondo tournament held in school , some extent taught me the meaning of commitment, difficulty, failure and success ...after 3 years involved in the tournament, held ... I stopped a fight in the taekwondo tournament held what ... is due to the conflict in itself ... Taekwondo association of political issues ... and the selection of participants in the national championship taekwondo more the internal cronies .... 

achievements during the three years of participation in Taekwondo martial arts arena

11 fights 4 lose 7 Wins

1. Ranked third in Perlis Youth Taekwondo Championship November 1996

2. Ranked second in Perlis Youth Taekwondo Championship in May 1997

3 Getting ranked second in Perlis Youth Taekwondo Championship
  in September 1997

Taekwondo has a style very fast attack.The most dangerous in my opinion, the art of Taekwondo is swing jumping kick, back kick and side kick.
Three types of kicking this can cause our oppenent knockout.

Over the years, the world stopped the fight, I returned to find the challenges and goals that have been buried for so long.

Start learning Muaythai in BOXXWARRIOR club ... in Kulim, Kedah .. but nothing much there .. i'v learned .I participate in the Ultimate Warrior Tournament which was held in Perlis.
That is the first game, which involves fighting a variety of martial arts ... I lost the count of points by oppenent using Silat martial arts ....
       After the defeat, I started training hard .. but still not receiving the attention of the coach and trainer BOXXWARRIOR at that time .. I feel that i'm lossing time .. to which I aspire to be successful because at that time I was 28 years.
     I then find other alternatives, to enhance training. then meet with a teacher named MONG' sharp knee' ".. he is the great fighter long ago .. he has won many championships muaythai.He's also represented Malaysia to Thailand, the world muaythai tournament in Bangkok ... I received as a students ... and then I was taken to SAIPRAWAT GYM.

     This is where everything begins ..................


( to be continue .....)